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Monday, August 9, 2010

What does it mean to be a modern day woman .

I dont know about you but being a modern day woman to me means having a choice , a choice to be smart and sexy yes that's right they dont have to be mutually fucking exclusive HURRAH ! the choice to work for cash in a day to day job or work with love as a full time mother , the choice to worship whomever we please be it God , Mohammad , Buddha , Mother nature or to not worship anyone at all , we can marry if it takes our fancy but take comfort that its not necessary , you wont be shunned , mocked , hidden from society for not baring that once essential shiny ring .

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Some of you might say " but your a housewife with a 50's pinup avatar how is that modern ? "

Yes i am a housewife choice , i LOVE it , there i said it , should i feel guilty for that ? no fucking way ! And while i find the 50's ideals of "being a woman ' archaic there is something to be said for the effort women went to to look good , looking good is no longer about pleasing a man although i do love the occasional compliment , it's about feeling good , respecting yourself enough to give a damn .

Ive partied , Ive partied HARD , i have established a career , found a guy i adore , traveled but what i really wanted deep down during my times as head instigator of debauchery was to one day be a good mother and a good wife , that is my need , my want .

You may feel the need to climb the corporate ladder , become a star , fly to the moon , travel the world ,those could very well be your dreams but thats the point right , we are free to make dreams reality in this day in age .

We have come so far and yet we have so much further to go but its a start , be proud to be a woman , stand tall , strive for your dreams its NEVER too late .

Now if only those fuckers in head office would pay us equally .............

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