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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Circumcision - Its not your penis .

This is not a fluff piece , I'm not here to make you comfortable .

Circumcision is a barbaric and archaic practice , some would say it is mutilation and by definition IT IS :mu·ti·late (mytl-t)
tr.v. mu·ti·lat·ed, mu·ti·lat·ing, mu·ti·lates
1. To deprive of a limb or an essential part; cripple.
2. To disfigure by damaging irreparably.
3. To make imperfect by excising or altering parts.
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Why does this topic raise such passion in people ? I have a few notions , on one side of the fence those who oppose circumcision see it as a violation of human rights , a violation of ones genital integrity both matters of extreme importance on the other side of the fence people are coming to the realization that what they have been told , what they have done or what has been done to them was wrong , it's the dawning of this realization that either turns people over to supporting the intactivist movement or strongly defending what they feel they cannot change or what they think should not change.
IN some cases its be like me so i dont feel different , make intact males feel like shit so they feel alienated .

Ok so the last paragraph is the extreme version of a minority , i accept not all are like this , in fact most guys really do not give a shit what tackle the other guy is carrying which really throws out the ridiculous notion that guys hang around locker rooms checking out each others penises .

"But his dad is cut we want them to look the same "

Ugh really ? well daddy just got a tattoo , get your guns out lets ink this baby HEAVEN FORBID they look different , daddy just had his nose broken at football today better break baby boy's too .

"but i just think they look nicer "

Well John doe thinks fake tits look nicer too better start strapping your daughters down and inserting that silicone , why not remove the entire breast at puberty and THEN get that boob job , kills two birds with one stone she wont get breast cancer , mastitis , thrush or cysts and she will have the desired look for someone , somewhere .

No its not personal choice if you are choosing for someone else , ITS NOT YOUR PENIS .

Circ decreases sexual sensitivity , holy orgasm WHAT MAN WANTS THAT ?

As for the health risk claims that this procedure prevents cancer and sexually transmitted diseases this has been thoroughly discredited.

Thankfully most of the world are either in decline like Australia or do not generally circumcise such as European countries , non Muslim Asia and south America , in fact 85% of the worlds male population is INTACT .
North America are apparently the last to get the memo that no national or international medical association recommends routine circumcision , but money talks and that's what the American health care system relies on right , they can spin as much bullshit as they like , play on the fears of parents everywhere but in the end there is only one goal , KA$CHING , YEP that's right cash ?

One day in the future circumcision will be seen as irrational as frontal lobotomy (which cited just as many supposed health benefits )

All in all nature did not fuck up , your sons were born as nature intended with a foreskin , a healthy functional foreskin so please let your child grow into a man who has the ability to enjoy their full sexual anatomy in all its natural glory .


  1. I agree 100%. I'm in Heaven being intact!

    Chase (Twitter: @Light_Peak)

  2. Circumcision: It's Not Your Penis. Exactly! Thank you for speaking up!!

  3. I agree completely, I truly feel your body - your choice...Oh, and Taylor, are you single? ;)

  4. Hahahahaha, I love your fake-tits analogy!

    My favourite excuse is that it's more hygienic, as if it's better to just lop off body parts rather than washing them.

  5. Completely agree with you on this one!

  6. Yes! Thank you. I am happily married to an intact man, with 2 intact sons. I am so much happier with this partner than I was with previous cut partners - on of which had so much removed he had trouble masturbating to orgasm at 18 :(. He was also huge circ advocate and spoke about how gross intact was. He had no idea why he was how he was.

  7. I couldn't have put it in better words myself. I agree with you completely!