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Monday, January 10, 2011

WATCH OUT it's a BOOB !!!

Boob's , such wonderful creations .

I have long been a fan of boob's , they are beautiful to look at whether it is in an artwork , sculpture or just simply appreaciating a good set when you see them . They are super fun especially for the men ( or women ) in our lives during times of frisky fun and then ( often due to frisky fun ) we fall pregnant , have a baby and discover the wonderful and amazing bond that is breast feeding .

WAIT you may gasp , boobs are for fun AND feeding ??

Why yes Ma'am they are indeed you see human females have permanantly engorged breasts to first attract a mate sexually from which they mate and reproduce and from the very same breast we feed our child , AMAZING !

Given humans are ( supposedly ) super smart and top of the food chain you would think it would be simple for us to be able to differentiate between the sexual breast and the nutritional breast but alas it seems some of us  are not , you see not too long ago facebook went on a breastfeeding support page and breastfeeding photo deleting frenzy !

One of facebooks most active and loved breastfeeding support pages The leaky B@@b was deleted , according to those in high places the nutritional breast is OBSCENE  !

 Right about now I would be inserting a LOL , LMAO , ROTFL or even ROTFLMFAO at the idiocy of the people who took the time to report these pages but I can't I am actually pissed off , pissed off at the continued attack on breastfeeding mothers , natural birthing doula's , pages such as saving PENISES ( now saving our sons ) are being targeted , are these people bored young people yet to experience children of their own ? or worse are they parents passing their high level douchbaggery genes on to their unsuspecting children ?

Either way one thing is for sure people need to get the fuck over it , it is a breast feeding  baby if YOU have an issue with that than own it , it is no one elses problem you have difficulty using your brain .And to facebook , come on guys you made a multi million dollar company and yet it is controlled by the single click of some moron who has the depth and intelligence of a  goldfish ? Really ?

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