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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I de- lidded my kid !

The day my son was born I fell in love .....well kinda , you see something wasn't right , something had to be changed ... His eyelids , that's right they had to go .

Some people ask me "why did you remove his eyelids ? " and it is simple really , let me explain .

First off I heard it was all the rage and I didn't want my kid to be different
and that piece of skin covering the eyeball is essentially useless , on top of that removing the eyelid gets rid of that pesky wetness and reduces risk of infections and contagious disease like conjunctivitis .

To be honest I find the thought of eyelids disgusting , I am somewhat attracted to people without them ... I figure someone out there will appreciate my decision for him in the future and I am sure he wont mind after all he will never know the difference right ?

Now that my son is older things have started to happen , he has come to realize he wasn't born this way , he complains that his eyes are always dry , calloused and weathered by it's constantly open environment , his sight has diminished in fact he says the entire function of his eyes have diminished , he will never enjoy the full functioning of his eyes as nature intended , he wonders why it is I chose to alter him , he expresses the wish to have had the choice .................

In reality I know men do not have feelings nor do they express them so maybe I will continue to practice this with my next child , normalize it a little , make my eldest feel like he is in good company and hopefully one day he will see what I see and de-lid his kid too .

DISCLAIMER : This is not a real trend , do not follow this blindly , do not jump on the bandwagon , de-lidding does not reduce infection or contagious disease , it will not make them "fit in " , it does NOT look better , the eyelid is a fully functioning part of the visual anatomy ...................much like circumcision and the prepuce .

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