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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sexual education and our children .

SEX ED is vital to be taught to our children and not just the dangers.
Children need to be taught its natural to explore their bodies and that sex should be about sharing with your partner, give and take at age appropriate levels of course.
Sexual oppression has a lot to answer for with our society it just so happens the most violent societies in the world are also the most sexually oppressed.
Sexual oppression from telling a child touching themselves is disgusting to saying sex is dirty or unnatural often leads to adults who are depressed, suicidal or commit violent sex crimes this is all a result of being angry at themselves for doing what is natural.
I cannot count the amount of mothers i have encountered who destroy their children’s sexuality through their own issues and disgust.

Our children will grow to be adults and I hope for them to one day enjoy the intimacy between themselves and their partner with nothing else’s but joy in their minds.

How will you teach sex education to your child and what will it encompass?

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