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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leave kids alone !

The term helicopter parenting has been thrown around to describe those parents who anxiously hover over their children for fear of harm .

In today's society it seems we have so much to fear , predators , injury , other children sending parents into a hand wringing , fear induced sweat ! and while it is essential to protect our children at what cost and how is it affecting not only children but parents when protection is done to excess ?

New research by Margaret Nelson, Professor of Sociology at Middlebury College, Vermont, shows that it is not the children who suffer, but the parents. They become so focused on their kids that their marriages suffer and often fracture, they spend less time with their friends, in their community and often are deeply unhappy as a result.

Reams of studies show parents rate low on the happiness scale , of course parenting brings the ultimate joy and deep fulfillment but how does it measure in days , hours , minutes ?

So how can parents take back that everyday happiness we once experienced ? it may be  easierthan you think just  RELAX !

Think back to a time when children roamed free , climbed trees , played games in the street how delightful childhood was .

Parenting SHOULDN'T"T be hard , learn to take a backseat and leave the kids alone

Be there for them but don't be on top of them , give children space to creatively explore their world without being stifled .

                                    So dont hover let your kids go FREE RANGE !

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